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Vali enjoying a recent hoopers competition

Anniversary 26/6/22

Whilst I have a minute....on July 7th it will be a whole year since i gave up employed work to concentrate on what I love.

The last year has been far from easy with the weather, then catching covid, then breaking my foot! 

I have some amazing clients, many of which have become friends and that have helped me so much over the last 12 months. I still pinch myself sometimes!

I love my slice of heaven that I can share with so many people (well in the summer, its not so good in the mud!)

I still have some expanding to do and changes to make until im where I want to be, but a field sure beats a shop!

So looking foward to the next 12 months and sharing my happy place with more people and their pooches.


Best in show

Mouse on her 5th Birthday!

Let The Sun Shine 3/3/22

Its been a long time since i wrote in here! The rather less than ideal weather means I can't use the paddock, so am unable to going mad but means i can ramble on here!!

The last post was about our 2021 funday, it was great fun and plans are well underway for this years funday in May, its going to be bigger and better and hopefully raise in excess of £1000.

Zarko is now 18 months.....old enough to compete!! He has done his 1st hoopers comp and got his 1st points,

He has also competed in his first flyball singles and got a new PB of 4.16. That is a bit bitter sweet, Im not ashamed to admit im having a bit (major) confidence wobble in flyball. Just remember what you say and do can have big affects on others.

It always amazes me how each dog can teach you something, Foggy is teaching me the art of patience!!! He is so laid back and also clever, but he will only do things if he feels like it. In true kelpie style I can't repeat things. Hes now 9 months but so immature we havent done an awful lot, but thats OK, I'm sure he will be a late bloomer.....6!!

The hardest thing for me is not doing any flyball or agility with Vali and yep he misses it to, I'm just thankful we have hoopers.

hopefully the sun will soon put in an appearance, we have lots of courses and workshops coming up over the next few months.

Fun in the Sun

Wow! What can I say, we gave just ran out 1st fun day at the paddock, and a successful day it was to.

So nice to see so many dogs ant their owners having fun.

I hope you had as much fun as we did. There are so many people that helped pull it off, Keyne kanines members, class sponsors, stall holders, prize donators, fun show judge, Antics flyball team and everybody that came and visited us together we raised an amazing amount of over £650.

Plans are already underway for next year, we are changing the date to May or June and looking to make it bigger and better.

This year I set a target of £500...we smashed it.

Next year's target £1000.

All feedback and ideas welcome so please get in touch.

Not such a baby spanner 15/10/21

Its been just over 3 months since I started solely concentrating on Keyne Kanines as a business. Its still a crazy scary ride of hard work....but im loving it.

Really excited for 2022 and what it holds. Hoping to expand the business to add more classes and also spend quality time with my dogs.

Zarko is nearly 14 months....where has that gone! He is the 1st dog I've trained from a pup for 3 disciplines (hoopers, agility, flyball)I really dont do much training with my guys, despite this he is really starting to look like a sports dog.

Sunday he gets to play in the ring at flyball, im sure we will both have a blast. It is so important to not rush straight into a competition but have a chance to soak uo the atmosphere in a safe enviroment. To be able to have sole use of a ring is invaluable and Where possible he will be doing Pre cadets for the next few months, to start with on his own and then with another dog or 2.

I wil also look at entering some hoopers and agility comps NFC with him soon.

Introducing Foggy 20/07/21

Oh boy! It's been another crazy week. With Zarko not quite 11 months, I definitely wasn't looking for another dog. But then again I never really go looking, they just happen!

I have wanted another red merle kelpie cross for a long time, so when this litter was pointed out I had to enquire. Out of a litter of 10 there were only 2 boys and 1 happened to be a red merle.

So a good friend drove me to a Welsh farm to see this stunning 9 week old litter, I fell in love instantly.

His parents are 2 working dogs, a collie and a kelpie.

With less than 9 months between the 2 youngster, I'm sure it's gunna be a crazy ride! Bring it on!

Roller coaster 10/7/21

The last 2 weeks have been pretty tough for me.

It all started on the 27th June, having spent a few hours mooching round the paddock, Harris started with some weekness in his rear end, this got worse overnight and the following day he couldn't support himself. We had to make the heartbreaking desision to say goodbye on 28th June. He was 13 but it was very sudden and a shock.

The following day was my 50th.....needless to say I really wasn't in the mood for celebrating.

Wednesday 7th July saw me leave my job of 25 years in retail, this both excites and terrifies me in equal measures! I get to spend more time with my own dogs. And I get to build Keyne Kanines and enjoy everyday watching clients and their dogs flourish.

To finish the fornight on Friday 9th, I made the decision to retire Vali from Flyball. He is now 10 and has had some niggly shoulder and neck issues, so together with his physio made the decision of no more flyball box, weaves or Aframe. I am still hopeful that he can play in the odd steeplechase, He never got to play in champ, injury and covid took that chance away, but he'll aways be my champ.

Phew no more change for a while please!!

Let your dog decide! 18/6/2021

I love dog sports and 1st started agility over 30 years ago. But more importantly I love doing things with my dogs, building bonds, hanging out, having fun.    Just because you want to do do it the right fit for you dog?     


My 3 competing dogs are very different.


Vali loves to work, loves being with me, will turn his paw to long as he's working he's happy.

Vader is a thinker, he will happily do agility, hoopers and flyball but we have recently discovered he LOVES scentwork, so spend time training scent.   

Mouse lives to run fast and as such she has 2 favourites...flyball and hoopers, so they are where we concentrate our efforts with her.

Will be interesting to see where we go with baby Zarko.









Endless possibilities 9/5/21

The last four weeks have seen me working towards becoming a certified dog parkour instructors, please to say I passed yesterday.

Parkour fits perfectly with my training it builds confidence and in turn can only benefit other sports.

It's also very accessible as no expensive equipment is needed. Parkour can enrich both yours and your dogs walks and you are limited only by your imagination.

Tired Brain...peaceful days 11/04/2021

Mouse my young Kelpie currently has an injury, a freak accident with two of my dogs on a walk.

Currently she's on 2 x 20 minute lead walks a day, no where near enough to tire the crazy one!!

So we've been working on tricks, 5  minutes trick training each day is enough to tire her brain out and give us all some peace, and more importantly allow her to rest and heal. 

I love trick training and shaping, there are lots of tricks that are useful to sports. They help build a bond and if they don't go to plan it's not the end of the world. I don't stress with tricks, if my dogs don't get a particular trick, I move on and try something else.

There is no video clip yet

Train the dog in front of you. 21/3/21

All dogs can have fun training and playing sports. We have a great variety of breeds and types in our club. 

So let's introduce some of them, starting with the sighthounds. They maybe aren't the first type of dog you think of when thinking of dog sports. But they are great fun and very rewarding....I've learn't a sense of humour is a must when training sighthounds😁

Time flys 20/3/21

 They say time flys when your having fun! Cannot believe Zarko is 7 months old next week. We have been having so much fun, practicing lots of foundations and tricks.

I love tricks training it's great for building a bond and having fun with you dog. Zarko has recently done the Trickstars level 1 course. Be sure to check it out

With my other guys I'm working on bringing them back up to fitness, they have had an extended time off so now to get them fit ready to hopefully get some competitions in this year. 

Exposure is key 5/11/2020

Zarko is now 10 weeks old and has been here for 2 1/2 weeks. 

His breeder did a fab job, meaning he is super confident and not much fazes him. 

He's met many different things and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. One thing sometimes overlooked is different equipment. Even if you don't think you'll need a muzzle or head collar, circumstances change. If they are exposed to these things as a young pup it will be much easier should you need to use at a later stage. 

In the video you will see 1st introductions to muzzle, head collar, nail file and brush.

There is no video clip yet

There is no video clip yet

Socialization 23/10/20

Zarko is only the 3rd dog I've had as a tiny 8 week old pup, those couple of extra months are so important. 

When I mention socialization the most common thought is mixing with other dogs. Add to that the fact that you can't walk them until 2 weeks after the second jab and boom it's to late. The key socialization period is 4 to 14 weeks, so assuming the pup arrives at 8 weeks you have 6 weeks.

Socialization is exposure to lots of different things, people, sounds, textures etc.

Every day I go for a walk with Zarko in my arms and this will continue until he can go on the floor. 

In the 4 days he's been here we've been to the local shop, both the first and middle school, the vets, the local park, my training Paddock, the pet shop, today were going to the main road. 

He's seen all sorts of adults and children, umbrellas, hats, pushchairs, bikes, scooters, cars, a ride on mower,a bus, a cat and dogs. He's heard traffic, squeaky breaks, children screaming and dogs barking. 

He's walked on grass, rubber, dirt, puddles and concrete. 

Over the coming weeks I will take him to different places to see and hear different things and turn him into a bomb proof adult. 

Watch in the local park

Introducing Zarko 20/10/20

Well we picked little Zarko up yesterday. He is 8 weeks old today. 

Boy he has a good pair of lungs, he protested all the way home and most of the night... Sleeps overrated anyway 🤣

We have been working on crate games today, to build value into the crate... The only time he gets hotdog! 

We have also been playing IYC, recall ping pong and toy swap, he loves a tug❤️. 

This morning we went for a walk (carry) to the local shop via the school. He saw lots of adults and children, umbrellas, bikes, pushchairs, cars and a ride on mower, so a great start to his socialisation. 

This evening he goes to the vets for his 1st jab and microchip. 

I'm also doing a lot of work with the other dogs, getting them to accept him. This will be ongoing over the next few weeks. 

I'm sure he will feature a lot in this blog🤣

There is no video clip yet

Eek! So excited 14/10/2020

I'm so excited, in just 6 days on the 20th October we collect my new puppy. He's a black working cocker spaniel called Zarko.

I may be known in recent times for kelpies but spaniels are my 1st love. I lost my previous working cocker Ozzy in July 2019 and the house just isn't the same with out the spaniel kind of crazy.

I guess my love of spaniels comes from my childhood dog. After bugging my parents for what seemed like forever they finally relented and brought me a springer pup called Gem. The first dog of my own was Opal a little rescue springer who I owe an lot to, it was her that started me on this crazy agility journey. My next springer was Bella, famous for being able to jump from a standstill because she was so busy sniffing😂 Then came Ozzy, my 1st cocker, we wanted something a bit smaller for my daughter so a cocker seemed perfect. Looking foward to see what journey Zarko takes me on❤️

Never give up 9/9/2020

We are currently on holiday and have access to an agility ring a couple of times a day.  This is awesome to see how far Mouse has come. 

You see Mouse is very movement focused, her sole aim in life is run as fast as she can, but she really struggled at agility. Just running around doing her own thing and not hearing anything I said. 

I needed to rethink and change something so decided to take away my movement. The difference is incredible. We still have a lot of work to do, but are now starting to work as a team. 

If somethings not working think outside the box, don't keep repeating the same thing. And above all work with the dog in front off you, there isn't a one size fits all. 

I haven't got any videos of how she used to be, but this video was from today. 

Hello 30/8/20

So this is a place for me to put my thoughts down and hopefully give you a little insight into me and my dogs that take over my life in every way. In 7 or 8 weeks a new addition is due to join the gang, I'm sure he will give me plenty to write about! 


Look out for a few training tips along the way, I'm hoping to post weekly so check back soon.